History of The New Room
Event During April 2017
Friday, 28 April at 1:00 PM
Holy Communion Service led by Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi

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New Room Bristol

There follows extracts from the former official guidebook.


In the Broadmead Courtyard are an equestrian statue of John Wesley (by A. G. Walker, 1932), the stable, and the grave of Captain Thomas Webb and his wife, reburied here when Portland Chapel was closed in 1972.

As you go through the door into the Horsefair Courtyard, look at the copper plate on the outside of the Chapel Door, probably placed there by John Wesley, containing texts about giving to the poor.

If you go through the wooden doorway on your right hand side after you have left the building, you come into a small courtyard, where you can see the foundation stone, moved high up on the wall, perhaps because of a spelling mistake. In the main courtyard is a statue of Charles Wesley (B. Hitch, 1939).

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