History of The New Room
Event During April 2017
Friday, 28 April at 1:00 PM
Holy Communion Service led by Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi

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New Room Bristol

There follows extracts from the former official guidebook.


In the Common Room upstairs the Methodist preachers appointed to Bristol lived, and others came on short visits. They talked and ate together, using this plain table and these benches. Note the window through which Wesley could watch his preachers in the pulpit.

The grandfather clock probably dates from 1670 and was bought by Samuel Wesley, John’s father, in 1710 to replace a clock destroyed by the fire at Epworth Rectory, from which John at the age of five was rescued, " a brand plucked out of the burning".

The cupboards house part of our Library; from its earliest days the New Room had a collection of books. We have also 1,200 documents about Methodism before A.D. 1900.

The doors round the Common Room lead to study bedrooms for the preachers.

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